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Purple Martin House Plans

We also offer free purple martin gourd rack plans. Purple Martin Bird House by S&K Manufacturing, Inc offers birding and non birding products, as well as free birdhouse plans. S&K Manufacturing has Free Purple Martin House Plans at feel free to visit and let us know how they work for you. Thanks and Take Care of Your Martins. 24 Room Aluminum Martin House Purple Martins – Purple Martin Range Purple Martins in Western North America. A variety of purple martin bird house plans. Choose from large houses to a smaller gourd house. Easy Plans for Building a Purple Martin House How-To Attract Purple Martins – FREE.

Purple Martin House Plans

  • Also get information about how to attract and raise your own colony.
  • PURPLE MARTINS: The gregarious nesting habits of martins will allow the builder A multi-storied apartment house will attract a colony of martins.
  • Each level of this masterpiece measures 15" tall, 19-3/4" wide, and 22-3/4" long.
  • This noteworthy bird house will have people admiring it from close and afar.
  • In the backyards and hearts of bird lovers across North America, Purple Martins occupy a unique and cherished place.
  • Call me a collector but I seem to be collecting quite a number of free purple martin house plans.

More information about Purple Martin House Plans on the site: http://www.purplemartins-r-us.com

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