July 25, 2012 at 5:25 am

Strawbale House Plans

Purchase straw bale home plan kits to work from. Find these types of plans on websites like Bale Watch or Solar Haven. Follow the plan instructions when building the home. We can provide architectural plans and construction documents for your straw bale home. Touson Saryon's Cozy Strawbale house plan is featured here. Welcome to the best resource available for straw bale house plans. quot;Strawbale Vignettes" This product is short on plans but I love it anyway.

Strawbale House Plans

  • Site specific and customized to your lifestyle, this video shows how we provide sustainable, healthy designs at a modest cost.
  • For a wide variety of complete straw bale plans // BLOG “Natural Habitat” Straw Bale Home.
  • Unique Straw Bale Plans with Great Color Photos.
  • Wayne Bingham has worked as building program director for the state of Utah for ten years and has been in private architectural practice for twenty years.
  • Nice site for strawbale home plans and information.
  • Information of 50 passive solar strawbale construction plans.

More information about Strawbale House Plans on the site: http://escarpmentfund.ca

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