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Timber Frame Homes Plans

Browse our floor plans and photo gallery of timber frame house construction kits. Brian Moores unique timber frame home plans offer limitless design choices and can easily be adapted to create a partial, complete or hybrid timber frame home. Read helpful articles all about timber frame houses. Browse our extensive collection of timber frame house plans and photos of timber frame homes. Cabin Creek Timber Frames have extensive collection of timber frame home/house plans with different sizes of area. Texas Timber Frames builds exceptional timber frame structures, using time-honored methods and materials coupled with cutting-edge CAD design and machining. Standard designs offer you the simple elegance and beauty of a timber frame home without the time and expense associated with a custom design.

Timber Frame Homes Plans

  • Riverbend Timber Frame Floor Plans . Explore our floor plan gallery to get an idea of what your timber frame home could look like.
  • Custom designed post and beam barn homes, farmhouses, carriage houses and barns.
  • Our Camp Stone house plan is a timber frame home plan designed with craftsman style details that will work great at the lake or in the mountains.
  • Timber Frame House Plans – When you think about your dream home, perhaps you have a desire to build a home that blends natural and historic beauty with its surroundings.
  • Log home plans from PrecisionCraft Log Homes & Timber Frame presented to you by LogHomePlans.
  • Timber Frame Home Plans for sale from Timberstead your online source to purchase timber frame floor plans.

More information about Timber Frame Homes Plans on the site: http://www.timberhomeliving.com

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