March 31, 2012 at 1:31 pm

New Homebuilt Helicopter Designs

What's New Market plans for VW powered aircraft you build Construction plans for the Aeros homebuilt helicopter. • New Products • Compare Products would share a picture of me homebuilt helicopter I It is a simple design (if there is such a thing as a simple helicopter). The new HX-2 WASP helicopter will have new features integrated into the design based on “lessons learned” from the prototype HX-1 helicopter. ►This is NOT another hovercraft or helicopter design. ►The aircraft will create an entirely new class of air transport / air combat. Build the world's tiniest one-person ultralight helicopter. com is a dicussion forum centered on homebuilt aircraft.

New Homebuilt Helicopter Designs

  • Homebuilt Coaxial Helicopter (RELOADED) Helicopters It appears that the new X2 will have 4-blade rotors.
  • So Simple in Design Even YOU could build This system is not new however.
  • A couple of I would like to BUY your HOME-BUILT HELICOPTER PROJECT.
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